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Standard warranty for 12 months

“PanelMate” Panel PCs, Touchscreen displays come standard with 12 months warranty, we also offer up to 3-5 years extension of our product warranty at the time of sale.

Warranty starts from the time the product is shipped to you from PanelMate. You don’t need to register or save the receipt as long as the unit still has the serial number we can look up the warranty term and start date.

PanelMate wants to be your preferred business partner, We will gladly work to help you with all sorts of Industrial Panel PCs related issues you encounter via our free technical support. If an RMA is needed, we understand the importance of getting you an accurate and long-lasting fix, and getting back up and running quickly.

We keep a wide array of parts on hand for replacement, but sometimes parts will need to be ordered and this can cause delay in replacement.

"PanelMate"Warranty Includes:

  • Repair of the system
  • Components needing replacement
  • If necessary, re-installation of original os
  • Return shipment to customer.

Events NOT Cover by Standard Warranty Includes:

  • Physical damage
  • Damage caused by unauthorized repairs
  • Use of product outside of its approved environment

Panelmate's ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

Panelmate’s Quality Management System (QMS) is an essential part of our business that enables us to exceed customers’ expectations and focus on continuous improvement. Our QMS helps us monitor everything form the design and manufacture of our computers, to our order fulfillment and RMA turnaround times. Panelmate is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, which was achieved through a rigorous third-party audit of our QMS and regularly scheduled audits to ensure we are compliant to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

The current quality objectives tracked are:

  • On-Time Delivery – More than 95%
  • Total Time to Customer - Less than 30 days
  • RMA length – Less than 8 days

Panelmate is committed to customer satisfaction. We exercise this responsibility through training of our employees, adherence to proven procedures, commitment to meeting and exceeding customer requirements and maintaining a company culture that fosters continuous improvement.

RMA Return Procedures

Before sending your product in, you will need to fill in Panelmate RMA Request form and obtain RMA number from us. Our staff is available at any time to provide you with the most friendly and immediate service.

  • Return authorization


    Customers must fill in Panelmate Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Request Form and obtain a RMA number prior to returning a defective product to Panelmate for service.

  • Charges may be incurred for certain repairs


    Charges may be incurred for certain repairs. Panelmate will charge for repairs to products whose warranty period has expired. Panelmate will also charge for repairs to products if the damage resulted from acts of God, environmental or atmospheric disturbances, or other external forces through misuse, abuse, or unauthorized alteration or repair. If charges will be incurred for a repair, Panelmate lists all charges and will wait for customer’s approval before performing the repair.

  • Collect information


    Customers must collect all the information about the problems encountered and note anything abnormal and describe the problems on the “RMA Request Form” for the RMA number apply process.

  • Notice exception information


    Repaired items will be shipped along with a "Repair Report" detailing the findings and actions taken.

  • Prepay shipping charges


    Customers agree to ensure the product or assume the risk of loss or damage during transit, to prepay shipping charges, and to use the original shipping container or equivalent. Customers can send back the faulty products with or without accessories (manuals, cable, etc.) and any components from the card. If the components were suspected as part of the problems, please not clearly which components are included. Otherwise, Panelmate is not responsible for the devices/parts.

RMA Flow Chart

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