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Sep 10, 2022

The application and development of CodePI software and hardware

CodePI is a new generation of industrial-grade PLC / embedded solutions basen on the Raspberry PI single-board compute Module.

When CodePI with PLC (PX9400) was developed and founded, our engineers meet a problem that the standard PLC supports few programs and performance is poor. The price of soft PLC is higher. And development of embedded C language is too difficult for basic staff. So, we organized engineers and hardware & soft suppliers to develop this hardware (CoDe PI -PX9000), This hardware is an industrial controller based on Raspberry Pi compute Module 3+, it provides CODESYE-based soft PLC system with extremely high cost performance. It can be used not only in the Automation industry, but also in special vehicles, instruments Power electronics, Smart home, Mechanical renovation, etc.

In industrial control system, PLC is an integral part, we need to receive the signal of the sensor to process it, then execute device output after logical judgment. When writing codes, it is generally higher requirements for timing and logic, most of them are derived from basic logic. In this case, we need to have a standard clock cycle (Task). After processing the logic statement, we wrote in each task and output it, then start the next Task. In some case, especially in Motion, a control system based on Linux, VxWorks, etc. is used as the bottom layer, and C/C++ is used as the language. This part of the control system requires a higher technical level and cost

In most of Automation, building control and Intelligent networks, it is only required with basic function. In these systems, manufacturers will choose PLC products such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron, Schneider, ABB, WAGO, etc. however, it will have more or less defects in practical applications.

If we have such a device, which can write PLC, Python, C++, Support EtherCAT, MODBUS, Profinet and other Bus to support OPCUA features, NC functions, PLC-HMI and Node-RED displays, thus it takes all applications

In industrial application, stable performance comes first, and followed by ease of operation, how to design a stable system is the biggest challenge, Moreover, the real-time requirement of the basic system is also very high for the bus application, how to bring out the hardware performance and make it work stability and reliability has become the biggest difficulty.       

Now, all these have a perfect solution: CODEPI