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Panelmate industrial touchscreen monitors are rugged solutions that meet the requirements for the most demanding industrial applications. An industrial display can be connected to any computer, but most often times these touch screen monitors are connected to an embedded box PC. They can also be connected to an all-in-one panel computer, where they can act as a cloned display or dual screen monitor. Our industrial displays with touch function are IP65 certified, at least at the front. This means adequate protection against both dust and splashing water. Industrial Monitors - Mountable Anywhere These versatile industrial displays can be mounted into control cabinets, integrated onto an OEM machine, or used in a manufacturing environment. Industrial touchscreen monitors provide a graphical user interface where you may perform tasks such as, operate a machine, view sensor data, or interact with ERP software. These rugged industrial displays have I/Os including VGA, DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort, so you can easily integrate your touchscreen monitor with your system.

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IDD-LINK4: The IDD-Link4 technology allows the distance between Control Panel and Industrial PC to be increased to up to 100 meters. Apart from the long transmission distance, IDD-Link 4 also offers the advantage that the cabling work is reduced. There is a choice of two variants: With IDD-Link4 − The Two Cable Display Link – there is a possibility to integrate the transmission electronics directly in the Industrial PC. The two-cable solution transmits the video signal and USB 2.0 in one Cat.6A cable. Power is supplied via a connector; IDD-Link4 – The One Cable Display Link – offers the possibility as a one-cable solution to transmit the power supply in addition to the video signal and USB 2.0 in a single Cat.6A cable. Both variants greatly reduce cable and assembly costs.