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Control Panel with Arm-mounted

With the IDD5XXXX, IDD4XXXXPL, IPC5XXXX series can be used directly in the field, The devices in a robust aluminum & magnesium housing feature complete IP65 protection and are designed for mounting arm installation. The Panel PCs offer high computing power with Intel Celeron and Core. A choice of 4 different multi-touch TFT display in sizes between 15”, 18.5”,19”and 21.5” in 4:3 , 16:9 screen formats are available. The Panel PC features an integrated rotatable and tiltable mounting arm adapter for a 48 mm diameter mounting arm tube. There is a choice of attaching the mounting arm from above or below. The connecting cable are laid through the mounting arm. Scalable performance The Industrial PC connections with IP65 connectors are positioned in the large wiring space and are easily accessible. The wiring area can be opened easily w/o dismounting the device from the mounting arm, offering fast access to the IP65 connectors for power supply, Ethernet and optional USB or RS232, Prefabricated cables in various lengths are available for all connectors. Configuration of the button assignment The use of a push-button strip increases the possibilities for machine operation functionality even further. With the exception of the emergency stop, the push-buttons can be individually assigned according to your requirements. You define which color the buttons should have and which labelling is to be applied. On request, we can integrate your company logo into the button strip.

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5 Product in Series

IDD-LINK4: The IDD-Link4 technology allows the distance between Control Panel and Industrial PC to be increased to up to 100 meters. Apart from the long transmission distance, IDD-Link 4 also offers the advantage that the cabling work is reduced. There is a choice of two variants: With IDD-Link4 − The Two Cable Display Link – there is a possibility to integrate the transmission electronics directly in the Industrial PC. The two-cable solution transmits the video signal and USB 2.0 in one Cat.6A cable. Power is supplied via a connector; IDD-Link4 – The One Cable Display Link – offers the possibility as a one-cable solution to transmit the power supply in addition to the video signal and USB 2.0 in a single Cat.6A cable. Both variants greatly reduce cable and assembly costs.