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Sep 11, 2022

PC based Control and EtherCAT

Selecting the communication technology is important: it determines whether the control performance will reach the field and which devices can be used. EtherCAT makes machines and systems faster, simpler, and more cost-effective. We extensively use EtherCAT fieldbus in our IDD Touchscreen Monitor, Arm Supported Control Panel, PLC, and Hand Pendant Stations

EtheCAT is an international IEC standard that not only stands for openness, but also for stability: until today, the specifications have never been changed, but only extended compatibly. This means that current devices can be used in existing systems without any problems and without having to consider different versions.

EtherCAT is by and large the fastest Industrial Ethernet technology, but it also synchronizes with nanosecond accuracy. This is a huge benefit for all applications in which the target system is controlled or measured via the bus system. The rapid reaction times work to reduce the wait times during the transitions between process steps, which significantly improves application efficiency. Lastly, the EtherCAT system architecture typically reduces the load on the CPU by 25 – 30 % in comparison to other bus systems (given the same cycle time). When optimally applied, the performance of EtherCAT leads to improved accuracy and lowered costs.