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About Us

Shanghai PanelMate Electronics Co.,Ltd. is a domestic high technology enterprise, which is specializing in providing CNC control panel, Hand-held pendant station, Industrial keyboard, Industrial touchscreen monitor, Industrial panel PCs, Industrial PCs, Integrated cabinet with arm supported system and Automation control system.

Our products are widely used in printing and packing, textile machinery, testing equipment, engineering machinery, high-speed rail, mint machinery, tobacco machinery, advanced CNC machine, industrial 4.0 and other related fields.


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Brand Value

Driving Growth & Innovation Through Our Brand Core-Values

We strongly believe in leading products and solutions with the aim of controlling, monitoring and optimizing industrial processes and functions. We at Panelmate work non-stop to create solution to our customers’ Industrial Applied Computer demands. This is evident through our core-values;

Green Products

Designing Products with the Eco-friendly Concept

Panelmate focuses on designing products that are easy to be reused, recycled, and disassembled, which improve product power efficiency, and adhere to hazardous substance guidelines. We continuously take steps toward carrying out our Green policy. The Green Product concept has been built into our new product development system to ensure protection of the environment.

We have great strength Professional Hardware & Software development capabilities

Configure-To-Order Services

We offer solutions according to customers’ needs, we can configure numerous options on our systems including: processors, memory, storage devices, expansion cards, and other components, you decide the configuration and we integrate those components into your system, Panelmate also can install an operating system based on the request and conduct function tests and burn-in tests on the integrated system.

OEM/ODM Services

Panelmate offers OEM/ODM and industrial computing customization services to meet the requirements of clients in small to medium quantities with a fast time-to-market turnaround. Our service covers the full project life cycle. We main stringent quality standards in our manufacturing processes, and ensure products go through rigorous quality checks at every stage of product. Our expertise and experience lie in design implementation, quick prototyping, on-time delivery, and RMA/repairing services for our clients.

Why Choose Us

  • Attention to detail

    We pay attention to every details of products & services to satisfy our customers’ industrial applied computer demands.

  • Quality-driven

    At Panelmate we are continuously looking to improve our internal processes, we always focus on improving the quality of our products and service.

  • Know-how of qualified employees

    Establishing an optimal work environment, ensuring a positive work climate, and continuously supporting our staff are among the highest priority objectives in company culture.


Learn about our history


  • Second-generation product launched Create greater glories

  • 2021

  • More new products, explosion-proof products, UPS, Raspberry Pi, communication terminals listed

  • Become China’s largest pharmaceutical

  • Participated in Shenzhen Machine Tool Exhi

  • Foreign trade and network business were fully launched.

  • 2020



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Our Certificate

Panelmate is deeply invested in developing rigorous quality assurance and compliance testing facilities. With the mentioned quality assurance and compliance tests we assure that our customers receive durable products that withstand harsh operation environments.

Our team

Close cooperation with our customers is important to us. Here you will find an overview of your contacts, broken down by sales region in domestic and abroad markets. We look forward to your call or message.

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